1. Class and race

    So is class the new race?” Ms. Dargis and Mr. Scott ask. “It may be tempting to think so, given the state of the economy and the political discourse, but the two have never really stood apart in American life. And the racial complexity of American life seems, at least at the moment, to have stymied the collective imagination of the movie industry. Perhaps this next year will bring more change we can believe in.

    Most likely yes.  I am not white but with my upper middle class income I no longer experience the kind of discrimination that was traditional for any non-white person in the past.  The fact that so many whites have become victims of the financial crisis, falling home prices, and unemployment, means that anyone who has the greenbacks regardless of color rules.  I can also add that with the recent surge of Chinese tourists in American malls grabbing all the deals on designer products means that the racism maybe dead except among the hardcore racists.

    Oscars 2011: Is Class the New Race? - NYTimes.com