1. Michele Bachmann beauty secret

    Republican teabagger Michele Bachmman may look ugly but you cannot blame her for not trying hard.  In fact she tries so hard to look pretty that during the Fox News debate she disappeared in her makeup room for so long that she wasn’t available while other candidates debated and the host got worried.  With a sheepish smile she emerged looking fresh as ever.

    She is also so vain that if she is out in the open even for a little bit, she first has to touch up her makeup before she talks to television crews and gets photographed.

    And if you thought that John Edwards’s $400 haircut were excessive or that John McCain paid too much for his makeup artist or that Sarah Palin spent too much money on her designer wardrobe, this Minnesota baby farmer spends a cool $4,700 on a hair and makeup stylists every two weeks.  Oh by the way, she is not paying it herself; the money comes from donations sent by tea partiers.  And I tend to believe that her obsession with beauty is due to her marriage to so very gay Marcus Bachmann.

  2. Do high heels cause migraines?

    It is very clear that the Republican party attracts only those women who are idiots.  After clowns like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, the Teabaggers have produced another entertaining specimen in the form of Michele Bachmann who is surprisingly married to an openly gay man Marcus.

    Now, after her totally crazy thoughts on public policy, she has come up with an incredible theory on migraines by explaining that her serious migraines are caused by high heels.  Her equally idiotic son, who is apparently some kind of fake doctor, says, “The truth is she wears high heels all the time and she doesn’t get migraines,” he said. “But she has found a correlation, though a correlation does not necessarily equal causation. It’s an unknown cause.”