1. Why I oppose legalizing illegals?

    Since President Obama has started talking yet again about making illegal immigrants into American citizens my blood has been boiling.  I am particularly upset by the audacity of illegals to openly mock our laws and ask for citizenship as a right rather than a favor.  Imagine Americans going to Mexico (or any country for that matter) and asking for any thing?  That is why I wrote to Senator John Kerry today and this is the text of my message.

    "I am a proud Democrat who supports you, Pres. Obama and Democratic candidates 100% of the time.  I am writing to express my opinion on any program to legalize illegal immigrants or to enact the DREAM act.  Let me add that I am a naturalized American myself but a legal one.  I oppose granting any legal rights to illegal immigrants because we are a country of laws and every time we condone illegal behavior, we are sending a very wrong message to the world.  If we legalize these people — and since there is no way to seal our borders or to monitor who don’t leave — more will come in the same hope and the cycle will never end.  I hope you will consider my views.”

  2. GOP presidential hopefuls and their marriages

    You know the Republicans are the so-called traditional values party and that to them means one marriage between a man and woman, but the reality is that their record is totally opposite.

    As everyone knows, John McCain was already having an affair with Cindy while his wife was in a hospital and waiting for him to come back.  Newt Gingrich is on to this third wife who he was having an extramarital affair with while married to his second wife.  Donald Trump has been married so many times that no one can keep count of and it is only a matter of time before he finds a new wife.  Now comes the news that another Teabagger darling Mitch Daniels was married to, divorced and remarried to Cherie Daniels.  Hmmm….and I was getting all worked up knowing that Marie Osmond remarried her ex husband.